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Anthea and Wendy

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Introducing the Entrepreneurial Couple Collective

Understanding that owning a business together can be a challenging and rewarding experience, the collective is about growing both personally and professionally. 

Our community is constantly adding to the body of work that supports entrepreneurial couples. We offer access to the latest research, insights, and strategies that can help you and your partner navigate the unique challenges of owning a business together. We also provide opportunities for you to share your own experiences and insights with the community, adding to the collective knowledge and wisdom of our group.

By investing in yourself and your business as a couple, you'll be better equipped to overcome challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and create something truly remarkable. Our platform provides you with the tools, resources, and support you need to develop your skills, expand your knowledge, and grow your business.

As a member of the Entrepreneurial Couple Collective, you'll get access to:

  • Monthly Workshops around real topics for Entrepreneurial Couple's – featuring top experts and premium content
  • Opportunities to network and connect with other Couples who work together
  • Access to a growing library of tools, resources and checklists
  • Ability to participate in surveys and studies that add to the bank of knowledge
  • First in line access to special events, offers and promotions
  • Opportunity to shape ongoing content based on community needs
  • Access to our network of professionals
  • Potential guesting opportunities on The Real Bottom Line and The Entrepreneur Couples podcast

What you won’t get:

  • Another facebook or platform to join/learn with frivolous action requests
  • Sales offers at the events
  • A long term commitment (this is month to month)

Who it is For

Entrepreneurial Couples interested in tools, resources and education for growing their business

Entrepreneurial Couples – who are interested in learning best practices 

Who are interested in meeting other like minded Entrepreneurial Couples

Who are interested in participating in contributing to the knowledge base

This is not for those who are lone wolves and already have it all nailed down

Your Leaders

Our workshop hosts, Anthea and Wendy, are passionate about helping entrepreneurial couples take their businesses, personal lives, and wealth to the next level. They have over 40 years of combined experience as part of an entrepreneurial couple, having grown and sold companies for seven figures and helped thousands of clients achieve a better life.

Wendy Brookhouse

Hi, I’m Wendy Brookhouse. I started as a reluctant self employed person over 20 years ago to a seasoned veteran who is now advising entrepreneurs on all the elements of increasing their wealth.

My approach over that time frame hasn’t changed – the questions are the most important piece of the puzzle as the answers are always changing, that removing friction points so that getting to success has the least number of barriers and that the how of a plan is maybe even more important than the what.

I have taken all my lessons of success and failures a business owner, all of the unique methodologies I have developed, and the extensive advanced education I have taken and assembled these into a program just for Entrepreneurs called the Total Wealth Accelerator. Are you a high earning, not rich yet entrepreneur – you should check it out.

Anthea Mumby

I started working in my parents insurance broker business at the age of 13, I worked closely with my father for over 20 years and then in my mid 30's purchased the business and worked with my spouse.

Over the decades revenues grew 10 times from when I joined. We became the niche experts for Canada's architectural and design community, and maintained client retention of over 92% year after year.

I made the decision to become a business consultant, and sold the insurance business in 2020.

As a life long entrepreneur, I understand the unique challenges that come with owning a business, especially when it's with your life partner. I've worked with my spouse for over 25 years and learned some valuable lessons about the top tensions of working with your spouse AND the biggest payoffs of working with your life partner.